Farming has fallen into one of those occupations that are not seen with good eyes in the eyes of city dwellers. However, as our planet veers towards a phase in history in which we start to see the importance of supporting local and natural farming more and more people are starting to favor this activity.

There are two ways a country may limit the selling of land to foreigners. one is by setting strict laws regarding who can buy their land. Countries like Taiwan or Korea require the person who buys the land to be a citizen, which entails its own set of prerequisites.Eastern European countries, on the other hand, may be more open to foreigners coming into their country to work the land. This may be due to the greater ration of land to population size.

Whether one chooses to go to one of these countries or the other would require more research pertaining the specific conditions that one is interested in having. Latvia and Hungary, for instance, each have their own specific requirements and the environment itself offers different possibilities to the would-be farmer and investor.

For more information he reader is advised to consult with the agriculture departments or ministries of the country they are interested in. In general, well-off and larger countries of the first world will tend to be more reluctant to allow common foreigners to acquire their land for any reason.

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