Australia’s farming sector is characterized by family owned and operated farm land that contributes 12 percent to the countries gross domestic product (GDP) per annum. How does that equate to making Australia a suitable destination for good farm land as an investor?

In comparison to the rest of the world Australia’s farming is able to feed 600 people, that being 450 people domestically and 150 people abroad. Its agricultural sector employs more than 350,000.00 people and Australia has placed itself as the main contributor of fine foods and meats since 1903.

Australian farmers are credited with 93 per cent of all food produced for Australia as two thirds of all land is demarcated for farming in Australia, whose farmers are credited with being inventive and technologically advanced, the costs of farming is cost effective as labor is relatively cheap, as most farm land workers are native persons and most farmers have switched to mechanization to deal with challenges such as feral animals.

Pastoral farming forms a major backbone of farm land in Australia and 90 percent of land is for this purpose of grazing in the arid and semi-arid regions of the Australian outback, which is a feature that connects all Australians. As far as farmland goes Australia is a good destination to pick up the farm lifestyle.

In conclusion, whether you prefer to raise cattle on farmland in Australia or use farmland for other purposes it would seem that Australia is a good destination as any.

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