Fertility is the act by which our farm lands are in a capacity of delivering the best out of it. Major agricultural products, as much as a farm land may be good we can still loss its fertility. By losing fertility this farm land will not deliver out what is expected of it as before for it will be turning it a dry land ?desert’. So let’s see some of the factors that can cause these farm land to turn into a desert.

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Circulation of air around the earth, this may be a very major cause of our farm land turning into a desert. Well, air patterns act as a rain carrier as well as dry wind when this patterns changes we will no longer receive the type of air we used to receive by so the farm land will be majorly affected.

Changes in temperature, by this we mean that the farm land start receiving very high temperature compared to before. 


As we know most of our farm land plants cannot survive on a very high temperature, so we will lose this farm land due to this high temperature.Cutting down of trees without planting is another cause of leaving our farm land bare and allowing the wind to clear the top soil away and the top soil is always the fertile soil in the farm land. 

Most people tent to cut trees for other home or industrial activities not knowing they are turning our farm lands into desert.It’s advisable to always be careful with the activities that take place around us for they have impact to us. Mostly activities cutting across agricultural life.

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